Exotic Tricks

1,800.00 kr

3 i lager


Want to learn to ”wow” the viewer with a tasty heels trick? Or just craving to improve your exotic technique? This will also make any exotic choreo easier for you.

This course is about:

• Exotic technique (how to make those heels of yours work FOR you)
• Exotic tricks dropped down and explained from basic to more advanced options: stands, jumps, drops, turns, rolls transitions etc. You’ll work on separate tricks as well as short trick combinations.
• Exotic conditioning of course. Technique & strength always go hand-to-hand.
• Safety tips while doing tricks in heels Level: open. It will be absolutely great experience for anyone. But we do need you to have gone (be going) at least an intro-course (with us or somewhere else).

Bring to the class:

• Kneepads
• Leggings / other pants that don’t restrict your free movement (or shorts if you want to)
• Top / t-shirt that covers your shoulders
• Heels (most of the tricks are possible without them BUT the technique is quite different). Believe it or not, those special shoes usually make your legs safer when you’re tricking.